Partner With VoiceNation Today

VoiceNation offers several different partnership opportunities to help our clients and their clients grow their business through the use of our live answering services and virtual phone number partner, Ninja Number.

Referral, Partner, and Reseller Programs Available

You can earn a significant residual revenue stream, without any financial risk, marketing our VoiceNation services through private label, bundled with your own products, through affiliate referrals, or as a VoiceNation authorized agent.

The Referral program

The Referral program is designed for individuals who are existing customers of VoiceNation’s answering service and want to refer other people to use VoiceNation.

The Partner program

The Partner program is designed for those individuals who are affiliated with a large group of peers that could benefit from using a live answering service.

The Reseller program

The Reseller program is for those individuals that want to private label our services or bundle them with products or services you are already marketing.

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