Why Do You Want to Be a Virtual Receptionist?

Becoming a virtual receptionist isn’t just starting a new job: It’s starting a whole new career. Our virtual receptionists enjoy a wealth of great benefits, advancement opportunities, and a charming company culture we’ve worked hard to cultivate. At VoiceNation, we believe in treating our employees with the respect they deserve and giving them the tools they need to succeed. And that all starts from the moment you’re hired.

No Experience? No Problem!

If you’ve never worked as a virtual receptionist before, that’s OK. We’ll provide you with the necessary training to make you an exceptional member of our team. Our virtual receptionists receive comprehensive training so they can feel confident in the skills they develop. Our recruiting process also involves skills assessments, on-site shadowing, and multiple interviews so we can best determine what your best qualities are and how we can help you be better. We’re dedicated to helping our virtual receptionists feel ready for anything!

The training doesn’t end there, though. Our virtual receptionists receive ongoing training and development to ensure that they’re always providing the highest level of quality they can.

Opportunities for Advancement

One of the best reasons for becoming a virtual receptionist at VoiceNation is the amount of career growth it can offer you. We believe strongly in supporting the personal and professional growth of our employees, and that’s why we promote from within. When a new opportunity opens up at our company, we first turn to our amazing staff already on hand. Some of our most accomplished corporate employees started right in the call center as virtual receptionists.

A Fun Company Culture

Why do you want to be a virtual receptionist? How about because it can be a lot of fun?

There’s an activity or celebration taking place in the VoiceNation office every single week. Whether it’s holidays, birthdays, special occasions, or something else, we allow our employees to play hard because they work hard. We even have an entire Week of the Stars completely dedicated to celebrating our amazing employees!

Work-Life Balance

While we certainly care about our virtual receptionists’ professional careers, we also value their personal interests. That’s why we have a couple of programs specifically designed to allow our employees to engage with their passions as well as some well-deserved downtime.

VoiceNation runs an employee volunteer program that gives back to our community and affords our virtual receptionists the chance to take part in something truly important to them. Every month, our employees have the opportunity to volunteer for a cause they believe in. Whether it’s food drives, backpack donations, or toy collections for the holidays, we support the causes our employees are passionate about.

We also have a program we’re particularly proud of called Dare to Dream. All of our employees submit their big dream, and every quarter a panel selects an employee and helps make their dream come true!

Contact Us and Get Started Today

By now, you’ve probably gone from asking, “Why do I want to be a virtual receptionist?” to “How do I start?” The answer is simple: Just contact a recruiter today! We’ll help you get started on your virtual receptionist career journey.