What Is a Virtual Medical Receptionist?

A virtual medical receptionist is a person who answers the phone from outside the practice, as opposed to a secretary who is physically at your office or an automated answering system. At first glance, it might seem better to hire an on-staff secretary, but a virtual receptionist can perform just as well, fitting in seamlessly with your practice while bringing a lot of benefits to the table.

What Is a Virtual Medical Receptionist Capable Of?

Virtual medical receptionists offer huge cost-saving opportunities for clinics along with greater patient satisfaction and other conveniences. HIPAA-compliant VoiceNation receptionists will use a custom-made script that we work with you to prepare. When your patients call in, they will be greeted by a friendly professional indistinguishable from a member of your staff. Answering the phone is the most basic service we offer: We are available 24/7, every day of the year, so we can answer off hours and allow you to offer a human presence on the phone during emergencies. A patient will never slip through the cracks when you work with VoiceNation!

Our receptionists will be able to answer basic questions about your clinic for callers as well as schedule appointments. They may also be able to deal with other clerical tasks that take up time. But the most important service they offer is a friendly and knowledgeable voice on the other end of the line that can be there for your patients whenever they need you. Medical needs don’t always happen during office hours; with VoiceNation, your patients will get the best possible service, and if they have urgent needs, we can also connect them to you directly. And since our staff are extensively trained professionals who are knowledgeable about HIPAA and its requirements, your patients’ privacy will always be protected.

Why Use a Virtual Medical Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist is a perfect fit in the medical field because of how important it is for patients to be greeted by a warm and calming voice when they call in. It’s pretty common for patients to be stressed or upset when they call for medical services. A helpful voice on the other end of the line is invaluable to them and will likely lead them to think highly of your practice and feel more comfortable next time they need you.

You can reduce holds and interruptions by using a virtual receptionist. Patients are very frustrated when they’re speaking with someone and get interrupted by another call. They’ll also be upset if they’re placed on hold while waiting to talk to someone about a stressful situation. Using a virtual receptionist can help you ensure that all calls are answered promptly and don’t push your staff past their answering capacity.

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