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Voicemail Benefits

One Number – 4 Applications


Great Features Only Available with SimplyONE

  • Unlimited *Free* minutes for inbound calls to your local SimplyONE number
  • Advanced presence management allows you to adapt the service to your day
  • Business intelligence reports help you to analyze usage
  • Switch between four different applications

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Plans start at just $9.95/month. That’s ridiculously low for what you get. See for yourself.

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FREE INBOUND CALLS to your local SimplyONE!

(bundled minutes used for call transfers and outbound calls)

With SimplyONE you get your own local or toll free telephone number that can be switched between four (4) different applications. Choose between: voicemail, 24 hour recorded hotline, re-direct number, or a complete virtual personal assistant. Whatever the application, there are no connect charges, debited minutes, or additional usage fees for inbound calls or messages to your local SimplyONE.

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VoiceNation’s hosted services provide you with your own local (or toll-free) business telephone number that will take multiple simultaneous calls, each answered with your greeting. There are an overwhelming number of benefits to using our services. A few are mentioned below.

Easy to Use

  • Online setup wizard allows for easy and fast setup
  • Automated operator assisted help menus


  • Sound like a Fortune 500 company
  • Music on hold
  • Call queuing with custom hold scripts
  • Transfer live callers to another extension

Save Money

  • No hardware/software to purchase or maintain
  • No faxline required for sending/receiving faxes
  • Free local or toll free number
  • Bundled minutes ensure you only pay for what you use
  • Business Intelligence call reports to maximize productivity


  • Unified communications keep all your communications under one number
  • Allows you to work virtually anywhere
  • All your messages and faxes are in one place
  • Connect all your employees as if they were in one office

Maximize Productivity

  • Screen callers and only take calls when you want
  • Status profiles allow for presence management
  • Notification of messages to any device (phone, cell, pda, etc….)

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