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How a Professional Answering Service Can Help Solo Practitioners

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When you’re a lawyer running your own practice, being efficient and managing your time is more important than ever. Whether or not you have legal assistants and paralegals, the one thing that is certain is you’ll always need someone to answer the phones. Almost all clients will contact your office via telephone, which makes it vital to make sure every call is answered. With almost 50 percent of attorneys practicing solo, as reported by the American Bar, a live answering service has risen as a solution for many with this problem.

Client Retention

When someone calls an attorney, they often need immediate help. This means they will likely hang up and call someone else if an automated service picks up the call. With a live receptionist taking the caller’s information, the customer is more likely to feel confident the lawyer will call back and take care of the issue. More clients equal increased growth and more income for your firm.


As a solo practitioner, you are likely handling all interviews, cases, depositions and hearings, and are therefore unable to answer the phone for several hours at a time. By hiring a receptionist service, you’ll be able to ensure someone can answer calls any time, day or night, even on holidays. You won’t have to worry about what is happening on the phones while you’re taking care of clients; your hired receptionist service will take care of that for you.

You won’t have to worry about what is happening on the phones while you’re taking care of clients; your hired receptionist service will take care of that for you.


You’re in control of your own company, so you should also be in charge of what happens with your call reception. found that VoiceNation was the most popular answering service used by any company, and one of the main factors customers loved was the ability to customize the service to fit their needs. With several options to choose from, and most included at no additional charge, you are able to design the program to fit your needs. This can include which calls require forwarding and which can simply have messages emailed, as well as what you want done if calls are answered late at night or over holidays. You can even choose to have your appointments scheduled by the receptionist and allow any legal assistants to complete other assignments instead of managing your schedule.

Call Fielding

Your time is valuable, and even more so when you are the only lawyer in your firm. Having an answering service to field phone calls means less time wasted on conversations and details that aren’t pertinent to the case. You can get the information you need without anything you don’t. Receptionists can also field phone calls so you avoid being bothered by any sales calls or solicitors.

Cost Savings

One of the biggest keys to the success of your firm is how well your funds are managed. Hiring a receptionist who can perform all the tasks and functions an answering service can handle would be immensely expensive, especially when you factor in overtime and holiday pay. By choosing one of VoiceNation’s many options for plans, you can select only what you need and avoid paying for anything extra. You will not only increase profits through client retention but also save money you would have had to pay a receptionist.

As a lawyer running his or her own firm, you likely realize how important it is to make smart business decisions. The choice to hire an answering service is one that can benefit you in a variety of ways and lead to increased clients and retention. One of the best ways to save time, money and stress is by delegating tasks to a receptionist service so you are free to handle the more pressing matters of your firm.

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Deciding Between a Virtual and an In-House Receptionist for Your Law Firm

If you manage a law firm, you know the choices you make about how to handle your day-to-day office management have a profound effect on both your ability to take care of your clients and the number of referrals you have coming in. Choices like which answering service to use, where to locate your offices, and how to successfully and ethically market yourself all produce the environment your clients walk into, and making those choices means setting yourself up to communicate the right message to each new person who contacts you.

When it comes to managing your phones, the choice tends to boil down to one between a virtual reception service and a live receptionist there in the office with you. Each choice has its advantages, but if you are trying to manage a law firm with a small operating budget while still connecting with your clients effectively, you need to know that the virtual reception service does have a few advantages.

Benefits of Live Reception on Site

When you have a staff member on site to answer calls and receive your visitors, you gain a few advantages that you just do not get with virtual reception services, but you do pay a price. Advantages include:

  • Having someone to meet and greet clients and callers on site
  • Staff that can answer questions and set appointments in real time as needed
  • A warm, personal touch for every new visitor and caller
  • A real person able to take messages and ask pertinent follow-up questions

The only real disadvantages to having someone on site to perform this service in-house are that it costs quite a bit and you still do not have reception services after hours. Currently, trained receptionists make a median income of over $27,000, so they can be prohibitively expensive for a smaller law firm.

Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist

When you sign up with a virtual service, you gain the ability to control your costs first and foremost. This allows you to pay for the level of connection and messaging you need while providing your customers with many of the same services they receive from an in-house person. That includes warm, personal greetings, transfers, and phone messages. It also includes:

  • 24/7 response so your clients never get an answering machine
  • Bilingual support services available any time they are needed
  • Easily organized messaging through a central dashboard
  • All your messages in one place
  • Consistent service to your callers no matter why or when they are calling
  • Cost savings—virtual receptionists are hundreds per month, not thousands, for most businesses

While there are some disadvantages to foregoing an on-site receptionist for your office, virtual reception services combine the same coverage you are probably already getting from your answering service, and they add in live reception during business hours so you do not have to worry about calls ringing through automatically or about missing the ones you need to take for your law firm.

Using Both Virtual and In-House Reception

The last thing worth mentioning is the way you can realize savings by combining in-house receptionists with the virtual service. For larger offices that need someone there when clients come through the door, this option can handle overflow calls so that your on-site staff is more able to take care of the people who are physically present, with a virtual service answering phones as needed.


No matter which choice you make, the bottom-line savings are quite clear: Virtual reception services provide savings over a live receptionist that can reduce the number of support staffers you need on site, and for the right law firm, they can even completely replace your on-site reception.  Give VoiceNation a call or try out our 7-day Free Trial today to check out our simple pricing plans and to see how our services can help you take your firm to the next level of service.

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Why Your Law Firm Needs a 24/7 Answering Service

When it comes to legal services, availability is a major key to success. If a client can’t get a hold of someone at your law firm at the most convenient time for them to talk, they’ll likely call someone else. There are several ways to solve this problem, but many attorneys are choosing to hire a live answering service. reports that VoiceNation has become the top receptionist service for businesses in the United States. There are many reasons why this company is quickly becoming an industry favorite.

Constant Availability

The American Bar Association advises that prospective clients are more likely to choose your law firm if a real person answers the phone rather than a voice messaging service. While you may already have a receptionist working at the front desk during the day, you likely don’t have someone available to answer calls on the weekends or at night. This can lead potential clients to choose a different attorney and cost you cases. With VoiceNation, you’ll be able to relax knowing there is always someone available to take the call when you’re busy. Because calls can be transferred to you if necessary, you’ll also be able to take care of any pressing issues before they become big problems and assure your clients that you will be able to help them at any time.

Lower Cost

Hiring a live answering service is much more cost efficient than paying an in-house receptionist to take calls 24/7. With a range of competitive packages to choose from, you’ll be able to select the options that best meet your needs and pay for only that. The profits gained from a single client can be enough to pay for several months of service. VoiceNation will also cover holidays at no extra charge so you and your employees can enjoy your time off without the worry of leaving your clients without help. Another financial benefit is that you and your employees will not have to waste valuable time performing tasks your receptionist service can do for you.

Professional Service

When you use VoiceNation, you can rest assured your law firm’s calls will be handled with professional service and attentiveness. Our team is highly trained and managed to be sure you never have to worry about the quality of your client interactions. You don’t have to wonder how well your receptionist is handling the phones; we do it for you.

You don’t have to wonder how well your receptionist is handling the phones; we do it for you.

Customizable Options

No two lawyers are alike, and the professionals at VoiceNation understand you will likely want things done a certain way. To provide the most personalized service, receptionists will forward calls to you exactly as you want them. Information from messages can be emailed to prevent untimely interruptions, giving you complete control over your interactions with the company.

In addition to customizing the answering service options, you can also choose to enlist VoiceNation’s help in scheduling appointments. Having all services in one spot frees up in-house help to complete other tasks and eliminates worries about overbooking.

Specialized Legal Help

With a rapidly expanding legal client base, VoiceNation has created a dedicated division to service the needs of any size of law firm, from a large practice with multiple lawyers to a solo practitioner. This answering team has a broader knowledge of the terms and situations that are specific to legal clients. This enables your receptionist service to more specifically help clients and establish a capable image for your company.

For professional answering services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, many lawyers are turning to VoiceNation. By using skilled receptionists to take calls, schedule appointments and forward necessary information, you’ll be able to use the service to help your clients and grow your business quickly and efficiently. Give us a call or test us out with our 7-day Free Trial trial today.