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Service Reliability

Our company is dedicated to providing an uncompromising level of reliability for our customers.

We recognize that our company is represented by the quality and reliability of our services. Therefore we take redundancy, fault tolerance, backups, and system reliability very seriously. Instead of reactively dealing with catastrophes, we proactively work to prevent problems before they occur.

Our reliability sets us apart from the competition.

Many might say that our efforts at reliability are overkill, but we believe them to be just another component of the service we provide our customers. Following is a brief list that highlights some of the more notable elements of our system reliability:

  • Data and system files are stored and accessed from an external, rack mount drive array that utilizes High Voltage Differential SCSI technology commonly used by NASA, government agencies, and the military. This technology is known for its high degree of reliability and our equipment was originally designed for a NEMA-4 supercomputer.
  • Dual redundant power supplies are standard on all our servers.
  • Each drive array is mirrored on a daily basis for redundancy.
  • Nightly automated backups are performed by a robotic tape array.
  • Tape backups are tested and restored onto standby servers that are ready to be deployed at a moments notice in case of a failure in one of our primary servers.
  • Replacement parts are stored onsite and are readily available in case of a system failure.
  • We employ special telecom UPS systems that allow us to hot-swap batteries so that our systems are always protected against power failure.
  • UPS systems are backed by generators that will provide power in case of power grid failure longer than 24 hours.
  • Support personnel are onsite and available 24 hours a day to monitor systems and address any problems that might occur.
  • We take reliability seriously.

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