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Why Your Business Needs a Toll-Free Number

E-commerce, the buying and selling of products over electronic systems, has given consumers the ability to easily conduct business with companies all over the country. With the click of a mouse and secured payment processing via the Internet, a consumer in Sioux Falls, SD can make a purchase from a company in Duluth, MN. The product is then shipped from the company’s Minneapolis warehouse right to the buyer’s doorstep. But what happens when the buyer has questions about the product he or she is purchasing?

More than often, buyers feel more comfortable making an online purchase if they can speak with a live person on the telephone. By offering a toll-free number to your consumers, you position your company as being an easily accessible and convenient place to shop, despite your St. Louis location. Toll-free numbers establish a larger business presence, giving you instant credibility.

Companies who conduct business online must present authenticity. Buyers are sometimes skeptical of making purchases from an online site if they cannot confirm actual contact information. Buyers know they cannot easily make a return to a company in Kansas City, MO if they live in Twin Cities, MN or in Omaha, NE. In fact, making a return to an online store can be a nightmare. Offer your prospects a contact number where you can easily be reached.

Toll-free numbers allow your business to grow, which may mean move to a new location. A successful clothing company in Wichita, KS can very well expand to other areas of Kansas such as Lenexa and Topeka without needing to disconnect and reconnect, ensuring their phone lines stay open for business.

Statistics show ads featuring 800 numbers generate approximately 30% more orders. Toll-free numbers help to increase profits and maximize marketing ROI.

The more obvious approach is that a toll-free number allows consumers to contact you at no charge. Although long distance is very reasonably priced, people don’t want to pay an extra charge if they don’t have to. A prospect choosing between a company that offers a toll-free number versus a toll number, will most likely dial the toll-free number first every time.

Bottom line; don’t lose a sale over a few cents per minute.

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