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Who Invented the Telephone

The first manufacturer of the telephone.Like many business endeavors, one man alone is not always the solitary source of inspiration. You do occasionally come across the secluded mad scientist who does all the work, but more times than not, it takes an entire team of people or an evolutionary chain of various people’s ideas to perfect something brilliant. In regards to the telephone, most of the credit tends to go to Alexander Graham Bell, a Scottish gentleman who resided in Salem, Massachusetts during the 1870’s; however, it has been proven that he was simply a contributor.


Alexander first experimented with the notion that several notes could be sent simultaneously to differentiate pitches in a signal. During his experimentation with making a “harmonic” telegraph, he accidentally discovered that his voice could be transmitted through a spring. The first recorded words ever to be uttered over the telephone were, “Mr. Watson, come here I want to see you”. On March 7th, 1876, Alexander patented his version and was the first to mass produce the telephone. This means that he was basically the first to commercialize the product.

However, it might be interesting for you to know that a gentleman by the name of Lewis Lattimer was the sole conspirator behind the moving parts of the telephone and deserves the majority of the credit. Regrettably, Lattimer was denied his rights to claim his invention due to his nationality.Lewis Lattimer's design As a result, Alexander Graham Bell, as well as Thomas Edison, patented many of Lattimer’s inventions as their own.  In all actuality, Lewis Lattimer was the true inventor of the telephone, the light bulb, the electric iron and many other very useful things we know and use today.  It has been recorded as such at the U.S. patent office.

In 2002, the U.S. congress solved any confusion on the matter when they passed a resolution stating that based on the evidence and patent disputes between Gray and Bell; in no way could Alexander Graham Bell have been awarded the patent based on the qualifications by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 1876.

It might be even more interesting for you to know that prior to Alexander Graham Bell and Lewis Lattimer’s utilization of the telephone, there is evidence of previous inventors.  Antonio Meucci being the first and Elisha Gray following  thereafter.  Meucci’s invention was conceived in 1857 and the only thing that kept him from claiming it was his inability to pay a $10 fee for a caveat.

It means that Antonio Meucci is actually the very first person to invent the concept of a telephone and everyone who followed contributed to his master design.

Written by Jacob C. Herman