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VoiceNation’s Survey Contest Winner

Announcing VoiceNation’s Survey Contest Winner!

Gregory BartleyRecently, VoiceNation produced a survey for all customers who currently use the NextPBX or SimplyONE services. This was done to gain more insight about how our customers use their service as well as find out how we can further enrich our features and capabilities to help more businesses save money and succeed.As a bonus to completing the survey, participants had the chance to win a $500 Cruise Voucher towards any Carnival cruise vacation. We though this would be a perfect way for some fortunate customer to take advantage of the Vacation Status feature which comes standard with the NextPBX and SimplyONE services.Many submitted their responses to the survey but only one could win. After a random selection was made, Gregory Bartley, a successful Melaleuca affiliate received the prize and is now one step closer to enjoying a relaxing summer cruise vacation.VoiceNation would like to thank Gregory and each participant of this survey for their feedback and constructive comments. Please stay tuned for more contests and prizes!

Check out what Gregory had to say about VoiceNation:

“I’m with Melaleuca ( and I use your great service to reach out to my prospects and give them a bit of information about my company and the opportunity I offer. Your service is simple, effective and straightforward. You really get what you pay for!!!!! I love it!!! Thanks Again,Greg Bartley”