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HIPPAA Certified

HIPAA CompliantMedical Answering Service

Doctors and medical professionals are an essential part of every day life. Chances are your medical office receives a considerable amount of calls every day. Whether your patients need a routine check up or have a medical emergency it’s obvious that as a medical professional you are needed. It is because of this need that most doctors’ offices, regardless of size, feel that their practice would benefit from hiring multiple receptionists and office personal. Although extra workers do mean that your medical staff will have more time to assist patients, having office personal adds an extra financial burden. It may not seem like much, but having one full-time employee being paid $10 per hour will cost you over $1500 per month; not to mention the added costs of getting those employees HIPPAA certified. What if you could keep the added benefits of additional employees without the extra costs; you can with an answering service.

VoiceNation is a smart, cost effective alternative to pricey employees with no hidden fees or extra charges; each pricing made simple plan includes all services offered. Not only will VoiceNation offer you answering services with a substantially smaller price tag (and yes it does include HIPPAA certified operators), but VoiceNations’ operators see themselves as an extension of your business. They take pride in their work and ensure that your patients never know they are the answering service; unless of course you want that information to be public. There are many benefits to having an answering service handle your calls; with peace of mind being the biggest benefit of them all. Take a look at what VoiceNation has to offer your medical practice.

With the fastest pickup time in the industry, your patients will not have to wait to speak with a live person. As professional telephone answering specialists, VoiceNation operators understand that all of your calls are important. That is why your calls will be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; including holidays. Also, operators are cheerful and caring because they understand that sometimes a little extra comfort can help a sick person feel better. No matter how your patients feel you can be sure that VoiceNation operators will remain professional in every situation and you can be sure your patients will be handled the way you expect.

Not only will your patients receive thorough phone service, but your medical practice will also receive thorough messages. All calls are handled accurately according to your instructions, and no matter if a call is routine or an emergency all calls are dispatched properly. Whether you want calls concerning medical emergencies to be transferred to your cell phone or you simply want a message taken and emailed to you, VoiceNation can meet your needs. Also, VoiceNation operators understand the importance of correct messages, so information is always verified to ensure the most accurate message possible.

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