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September 04, 2009

All About Philately

Philately, or the study of stamps, is a hobby shared by millions around the world. The study of stamps often includes stamp collecting, however, many people study stamps without collecting them. Philatélie was the name given to this practice in 1864 by Georges Herpin. Derived from the original Greek root phil, which means an affinity… Continue reading All About Philately

September 01, 2009

Finding Voice: A Resource Guide To Stuttering

Many are aware of the speech disorder called stuttering. Stuttering, very generally speaking, consists of stressing certain syllables or words longer than normal, repeating certain syllables or words longer than normal, or longer than normal hesitation before pronouncing certain syllables or words. Around five percent of children stutter at some point in childhood as they learn how… Continue reading Finding Voice: A Resource Guide To Stuttering

June 07, 2009

Antiques on the Internet

There are many antique treasures to be found online. A quick search on the Web can be a time-saving alternative to a weekend expedition through a line of antique shops. Technological antiques such as computers, telephones, and televisions can be found online along with specific facts relating to their design. In addition, information is available… Continue reading Antiques on the Internet

September 07, 2008

Memory Techniques and Mnemonics

Having a poor memory can be a big disadvantage in the information age. Students and professionals need to remember a great deal of information, and those who have an excellent memory will most likely become more successful in their academic or career pursuits. There are many ways to enhance a person’s memory, and these may… Continue reading Memory Techniques and Mnemonics

September 07, 2007

African American Writers and Literature

African American culture resonates from the experiences of African Americans from the Middle Passage deeply rooted in Africa. These experiences have shaped a dynamic culture that speaks bounds in the influences of mainstream America. The imprint of African American literature and the Harlem Renaissance period helped shape African American culture. Influences from writers such as Langston… Continue reading African American Writers and Literature

Anagram Generators

An anagram is a very interesting thing and it can be very fun as well. It is a special type of wordplay that requires a lot of cunning to figure out. You have to really use your brain to come up with good anagrams and it takes a quick mind to be able to “decode”… Continue reading Anagram Generators