News and Web read over the phone

Cell phone manufacturers are required under law to make cell phones accessible for all, including those with disabilities. Those affected by vision impairment or blindness often have a difficult time finding cell phones. They need phones that are accessible to them and that can read the news and the Web to them. Visually impaired individuals

Chinese Inventions

The Chinese civilization has been around for more than 4000 years, and throughout the years, the Chinese people have invented many wonderful things that are still being used today. Here’s a list of Medicine One of the major contributions of the Chinese people to world civilization is Chinese medicine . Some of the medicinal practices

Morse Code Resources

Morse Code was developed over 160 years ago by two men, Samuel F. B. Morse and Alfred Vail. Morse code transmits information telegraphically by using a sequence of long and short characters that represent letters, numbers and punctuation. It was used for telegraphs, radio communication and international communication. The code was mostly transported over telegraph

Latin Words and Sayings

Latin Words and Sayings Even though Latin is a dead language as far as speaking goes, we continue to hear and read many Latin phrases in the English-speaking world. Understanding these common Latin phrases is one mark of a well-educated person, and it helps to have a list of these Latin phrases to which a

A Page on J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling will go down in history as one of the world’s most famous authors because of her incredibly successful Harry Potter series, which debuted in 1997. Rowling was born in England, where she lived for most of her life, struggling to become an author. The idea for Harry Potter came to her in 1990,

Theology Resources

Theology Resources The study of theology has been practiced for centuries. Theology is the science of religion and the study of God. While theology can mean the study of any god or religion, it is most commonly associated with Judeo-Christian practices and faith. The science of theology dates back to ancient Greece when early philosophers

A Childhood Language and Communication Disorder Guide for Parents and Teachers

A Childhood Language and Communication Disorder Guide for Parents and Teachers Communication is one of the main channels by which people learn and gain knowledge. Parents and teachers of children with language and communication disorders are faced with tough challenges. Some of the more common problems include difficulties in reading and understanding, failure to comply