Ultimate ESL Subject Guide

Ultimate ESL Subject Guide There are a great many resources available for people interested in learning the English language. Individuals learn English in a variety of ways. For instance, some learn the language by continually listening to people who are speaking in English. Others learn by reading material that is written in the English language.

The Basque Language and Business

The Basque Language and Business Basque History First, let’s talk history. The Basque region is an area in the Pyrenees where approximately 80,000 Basques live on the French side of the mountains and 580,000 on the Spanish side. The Basques are the oldest group of indigenous people in Europe. One intriguing fact about the Basques

To Tell A Story

Storytelling is a practice that dates back to the earliest moments of human speech.  It is a way to share ideas, imagination, and to entertain in a way that detaches oneself from the physical world and enters a world with no boundaries.  Stories have been used to teach morals, history, settle arguments, entertain, and honor deities and

Germanic Language Resources

German is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages and it is the third most taught language in the world. It’s spoken differently in different regions – meaning that “standard German” actually has several versions! It has two dialects, Low German and High German, derived from Old High German, which in turn originated from

Language Resources

A phoneme is the smallest piece of sound heard by the human ear. For example, in the word cat, the emphasis on the “C” is heard by the ear before anything else and sounds the most important. The “ch” sound identified is sometimes confusing for young readers and writers because they associate it with the

All About iPhones

Fewer things are hotter right now than Apple’s iPhone. Many people consider the iPhone to be the best smartphone on the market right now. Smartphones are mobile phones that are built with computer-like capabilities. For instance, iPhones can be used to surf the internet, download and listen to music, and play games, just to name

Parts of Speech

“Parts of speech” are the different ways words can be used in sentences. Understanding the parts of speech makes it easier to write and understand sentences in English class. The five most basic parts of speech are nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and exclamations. Nouns A noun is a word for a person, place, thing, or

Opening The Lines Of Communication: Being An Advocate For Your Differently Abled Child

Opening the Lines of Communication: Being an Advocate for Your Differently-Abled Child Most children with disabilities have trouble communicating effectively with their peers, and they are quite incapable of maintaining relationships with others. They feel insecure when they are in the company of people who are not closely related to them because they are aware

Resources For Your Hearing Impaired Child

Hearing Aids Types of Hearing Aids– Alexander Graham Bell organization explains the types of hearing aids. Communication Communication Options– United States Department of Education provides advice for children with hearing loss about technology and communication alternatives. For Family and Friends– Methods on communicating efficiently with those with a hearing loss. Communication Choices– The Philadelphia Children’s Hospital