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Disaster Recovery Solutions

Written by Jacob C. Herman

How Can Live Answering Service Help to Cushion the Blow from Disaster?

Business Continuity

While everyone hopes that a disaster will not happen to them, the fact is that many times it’s something you have no control over. Hopefully as a business owner you are not brushing the idea of business insurance aside; with adequate amount of insurance coverage any loses will be replaced. However, in order to fully protect your business in the event of a disaster you need an answering service like VoiceNation Live. What if you were to completely lose your building and telephone communications? What if your current customers were unable to get in touch with your business? Would you have them believe that you completely shut down so they could take their business elsewhere? While trying to rebuild after a major disaster you need to keep your customer base strong. After all, it is their revenue that got you to where you are today.

Many people think of disaster recovery and believe that it isn’t something they really need to worry about. But is that the truth? Fires, floods and tornadoes happen every day. It is true that certain regions are more prone to certain disasters than others. For example, the western US is often plagued by wildfires, coastal areas are often flooded by hurricanes, and central US is often referred to as Tornado Alley. However, even if your business is not located on the coast, floods are a real threat. After all, there is always the possibility of a burst water pipe. Imagine the damage caused by gallons of water soaking valuable electronic equipment and important paper documents; it would take weeks at best to reopen shop. Or what about fire damage? Whether it’s due to wildfires or arson, the damage created by fires is absolute. The end result is usually complete loss of the building and the majority of your inventory turned to ash. Also, like fires, the destruction from tornadoes is extensive; quite often both the building and everything within is scattered by the wind. You may be able to salvage some paperwork from a tornado, but most likely that would entail searching through miles of debris.

Although VoiceNation Live cannot prevent a disaster from occurring, their live answering service can help alleviate some of the stress afterwards. While you are dealing with the insurance company and searching for a new location for your shop, VoiceNation Live will answer all calls made to your number. Their operators can let your callers know of the recent disaster and keep them up to date on your business’s progress. Or, if you would prefer, you can have VoiceNation Live act as your receptionist and keep business going like usual until your normal operations are up and running again. What ever the case may be, you will never have to worry about a missed call. And with the multiple options for message delivery (fax, text, email, transfer to any number or all of the above) you will receive your messages promptly and accurately.

There is no way of preventing most disasters from happening. However, by utilizing an answering service you will be able to rebuild your business with less stress. Use VoiceNation Live’s disaster recovery answering service and protect your investment in your customers. After all, without your customers where would your business be?

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