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No matter what time of day, there is always someone looking for a home, even on holidays. As a real estate professional it’s your job to be available when they need you. Whether you deal with renting apartments or selling homes, you probably keep a steady flow of calls every day. Although that generally means business is good it can also mean unnecessary stress on your behalf. After all, there are so many vacant homes that potential tenants seem to have endless housing options which means more competition for you. In today’s economy, it is an absolute necessity for any successful real estate agent to be available day and night. You may be asking; how do I keep my business running without pulling out my hair? The answer is simple, hire VoiceNation Live to answer your calls for you.

Whether you are an individual agent or are apart of a large firm, VoiceNation Live can handle your calls with the professionalism you expect. Have you ever missed a call because you were already on the phone with a prospective tenant? How often do callers actually leave their contact information as opposed to just hanging up? By allowing VoiceNation Live to answer your calls you can ensure you will never miss another potential sale again.

Not only can VoiceNation Live answer your calls in a timely fashion, but VoiceNation Live can also offer your real estate business a better way to track what’s hot and what’s not. For example, have you ever had multiple properties in different locations and been unable to keep track of who call about what? Well, with VoiceNation Lives’ multiple messaging system it’s easy to keep track. You can have all of your callers transferred directly to your line and a message containing their information sent to you via text, email, fax or all of the above. Or, you can even have messages for different property locations sent to different email addresses. VoiceNation Lives’ answering service can be customized to fit your needs, whatever they may be.

To find out what other options VoiceNation Live has to offer your real estate business call today at 866-766-5050. You can trust that VoiceNation Live has the solutions to help keep you stress free.

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