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Business Library: Human Resource Management Links

Written by Jacob C. Herman

Human resource management is the coherent and strategic approach to managing an organization’s most valued assets. These most valued assets are the people who collectively and individually work at the organization in an effort to achieve the business’ objectives. In short, human resources management is the hiring of employees as well as the development of their capacities while utilizing, maintaining and compensating them for their services. The strategies behind human resource management refers to the way specific functions are implemented and generally consists of factors that include close cooperation between management and human resources, a relationship between the corporate strategy and the human resources strategy and frequent monitoring of the strategy.

A human resource management strategy can generally be divided into two separate categories. One category is the human resource functional strategy and the other strategy is the people strategy. The first strategy refers to the policies that are employed in the human resources area itself, making sure that the people are managed efficiently to meet the goals of the department. The second strategy, the people strategy, pertains to the correlation of human resource management policies and actions in order to reach the goals that were laid in the corporate strategy. The implementation of a human resource management strategy is not always require and may be based on a number of factors including the size of the firm, the industry of the firm, the culture of the firm and the people in the firm.

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