Live answering for business continuity during work disruptions

Keep your business running remotely during crisis.

Don't let COVID-19 bring your business to a halt

Coronavirus (COVID-19) poses a threat to business operations. With live answering, your business can continue seamlessly with 24/7 call coverage.

Start preparing for business continuity now

We keep running, so your business will, too

  • VoiceNation’s 24/7 live answering service means your calls are always answered, even if your businesses temporarily closes. Our US-based operators will answer your calls and send the messages instantly.
  • Our technology allows for remote work, so we will never stop answering no matter what.
  • Keep your business running during a crisis with our affordable plans!
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How it works

VoiceNation call process1. Instant activation.

No need to wait. We start taking your calls right away.

2. Forward your calls

Our operators will answer using your custom script. They’ll collect caller information and send it straight to you.

3. Use us as a hotline

Need to get urgent information to your employees? Set up a script so that when they call in, our operators pass along the news, like when your business will be open again.

4. Check your messages

Operators will send detailed message to you through text, email, the VoiceNation app and online dashboard.

Get Started

It means having a plan in place during work disruption, whether it’s a natural disaster or a pandemic like coronavirus (COVID-19). When you need to send your employees remote or temporarily shutdown your office, it’s important to have a continuity plan so that your business doesn’t stop running during the disruption.

VoiceNation is a top-rated live answering service that can provide business continuity during disruptions like coronavirus (COVID-19). We’ll act as an administration assistant (or virtual receptionists) during the crisis. Our US-based operators will answer your calls, take detailed messages from your callers and send the messages directly to you. Operators can also answer customer questions, schedule appointments, process orders and more.

All industries can benefit from not having major disruptions to operations during a crisis like coronavirus (COVID-19). VoiceNation has the technology to have custom scripting and can support all industries. VoiceNation can support the medical industry because we are HIPAA-compliant. We can perform legal intake for law firms and share property listings for real estate.

VoiceNation is a 24/7 live answering service, so no matter what hours your business operates or where you’re located in the U.S., we are able to answer your calls, take messages and more.