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7 Ways an Answering Service Can Help Your Medical Office

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As a medical professional, your main priority is taking care of your patients, and that???s when they???re both in and out of your office. No matter the size of your practice or office, there are sure to be times when you need a bit of help, which is where a professional medical answering service comes in. Learn seven unique ways in which an answering service can boost the capabilities of your medical office:

1. You Don???t Have to Hire a Full-Time Receptionist

If you have a small practice, you might not have the financial resources necessary to hire a full-time receptionist to answer the phones, schedule appointments, answer patient questions and the like. With an answering service, you can easily afford to have someone do all that and so much more. Even better is the fact that the right medical answering service agent will have an abundance of experience, which means you don???t run the risk of hiring someone who???s unqualified.

2. Phones Are Answered Faster

When your office is particularly busy, there might not be anyone on hand to answer the phones, which can frustrate callers and patients in need of answers. Having an answering service on hand ensures calls are always answered ??? and answered promptly ??? no matter how busy things get. Remember that a caller might have an emergency on his or her hands, and being able to get through to your office and speaking to someone can offer an abundance of relief and reassurance.

3. Scheduling Appointments Is Made Easier

At the end of the year when patients are scrambling to use their medical benefits before they run out, you might notice you have more people calling to set up appointments, and that???s in addition to your current patients calling with any questions or emergencies they might have. You can rely on a medical answering service specifically to handle year-end appointments to satisfy everyone, including yourself. Something else to think about is the fact that someone might need to reschedule an appointment, which could require some finesse if you have an especially packed calendar.

4. Remain HIPAA Compliant

Keeping patient information protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is essential in this day and age, and the right answering service better ensures you remain compliant. A new receptionist who???s just getting started might not be aware of the latest changes or developments to HIPAA, which could become a serious liability. Rather than take your chances, rely on an experienced medical answering service instead.

5. You???ll Be Brought in When You Truly Need to Be

Some caller questions are easily and quickly taken care of by an answering service, while others require the professional medical expertise of a nurse or doctor. By pairing with the right answering service, you don???t have to worry about being interrupted or called in for situations that are easily handled by an answering service agent. What???s more is you don???t have to worry as much about callers getting the wrong information from agents who don???t know whom to reach out to or when.

6. Professionalism

No matter how talented a medical professional you are, you???re only as good and successful as you treat your patients. An experienced medical answering service knows how to treat your patients with respect and courtesy, setting the tone for what they can expect when they step into your office.

7. Reliability

Patients also like to deal with medical professionals who are reliable and actually answer their phones. An answering service can go a long way in this endeavor. What???s more is an answering service can make sure calls go through even during local power outages.

If you don???t yet have a medical answering service for your practice, what are you waiting for? Know that you have much more to gain than the seven reasons mentioned above.

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