5 customer service tips for Business Success

Peyton Duplechien • 03 Oct 2019 • 2 min read

Statistic after statistic show that customer service is incredibly important. Consumers expect a great customer experience when dealing with businesses. In fact, customers will spend more with a business that they feel values them. One of the best ways to be proactive in retaining customers and bringing in new ones is to have fantastic customer service. Check out these five tips to see how.

1.  Be available

This is a very important one, but it’s tricky. Customers expect rapid responses to inquiries. And if they take the time to place a call to a business, they expect the call to be answered. If you have a high call volume, this is impossible to fulfill. Or if you don’t want to be answering calls all day, into the night and on the weekends, you might consider a live answering service.

2.  Personalization

Customers also want to be treated as individuals, not just a number in a queue of customers waiting to be assisted. They want to feel like they are speaking with someone associated with the business and not to an outsourced call center. If you hire a live answering service, you want to make sure their virtual receptionists are able to use scripts custom created by you!

3.  Omnichannel customer service

What does this mean? It means customers are able to reach you many different ways. Phone calls and email aren’t enough anymore. Customers are becoming more reliant on live chats on businesses’ websites and also through social media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you use an answering service, you’ll at least be able to cross one method of communication off your list, and then you’ll be free to respond to other customer inquiries.

4.  Encourage self help

Build out your website with tons of helpful hints and you may see a reduction is calls with questions. If you have a FAQ page on your website, take a good look at it. Think about the calls you regularly get and answer the questions on the site. If you don’t have an FAQ page, create one! Consumers are savvy and oftentimes will try to help themselves before calling the business for assistance trying to figure out ordering, etc.

5.  Bring in virtual receptionists

If you need help creating a great customer experience, one of the best things you can do is get a call answering service. Operators are able to answer your calls using scripts written by you. Your greetings will be consistent across the board and be modeled on the words you use when you answer your calls. In addition to answering your calls, virtual receptionists are able to forward calls, take messages and send them to you instantly, process orders, schedule appointments and more.

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