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Capture every lead

Never miss a call knowing we’re securing new opportunities and helping your business grow.​


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Our professional receptionists follow your custom call script for an awesome service experience.​


Get on with what you do best

Focus on the things only you can do with our 24/7 answering provision covering all bases.​

Why choose VoiceNation?
We’ve been a trusted phone answering service partner to businesses of all sizes across every industry for over 20 years. Our secret? An unshakeable pledge to quality. Because if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right: ​

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Essential plans

America's best receptionists answering your calls 24/7:

  • Call transfer & message taking
    Have us send calls through to you or take messages - whatever you prefer.
  • Scripted responses
    Give us scripted responses to work from, so calls are answered the way you want.
  • Unlimited caller information
    There is no limit to the amount of information our receptionists can take from your callers.
  • Unlimited employee contacts
    Add as many employees and call types to your account as you need for us to reference.
  • Toll-free or local number
    We provide a toll-free or local number for you to forward your existing business number to.
  • Bilingual receptionists
    Your callers will experience exceptional service, whether they speak English or Spanish.

Personalized plans

Everything our Essential plans include, with even more amazing features:

  • CRM integration
    We drop leads directly into your CRM, so everything’s in one place.
  • Appointment scheduling
    We schedule appointments directly into your calendar on your behalf.
  • Order processing
    We process your orders and take payments from your customers.
  • Custom form population
    Provide us with a link to an existing form and we’ll complete it when instructed.
  • Call dispatching
    Typically used in urgent or emergency scenarios, we take the necessary information and call you at set intervals until successful.
  • On-call management
    We setup a daily/weekly rota based on which team member is on-call that day, to define where calls are directed.

From $176/mo

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We have lots of experience across multiple industries

Our 24/7 call answering team is trained to understand the needs of different industry sectors. We offer appointment scheduling, call dispatching, order processing and more as part of our tailored solutions.

Trusted by thousands of businesses​


What is an answering service?

An answering service is an outsourced provider that offers trained receptionists to answer phone calls on behalf of other businesses. At VoiceNation, as well as answering calls, on a 24/7 basis if required, we can qualify your leads, schedule appointments, integrate with your CRM systems and have bilingual receptionists speaking with your callers in both English and Spanish.

What does VoiceNation do?

Our live receptionists answer incoming calls for your business whenever you need, transferring calls to you wherever you're working or sending messages immediately. Personalized features include our receptionists answering basic questions, processing orders, call forwarding, appointment scheduling, and returning calls at your direction. We can also qualify leads, filter solicitations and robocalls, and we offer bilingual receptionists.

Why would I need this kind of service?

We handle overflow calls, deliver your messages in real time, and are available 24/7, 365. When you never miss a call, you never miss a lead. You’re also providing excellent service by being available to your customers 100% of the time – day and night, weekends and holidays, too. Not only does this help with customer retention, but it encourages word-of-mouth marketing!

How does it work?

Great question! Once you sign up with VoiceNation, you choose when we take your calls and we’ll answer just like an in-office receptionist would. Our seamless software makes it as though our operators are sitting right in your office. Then, we take a message when you’re not available or forward calls when you are.

How long does it take to get set up with VoiceNation?

Your account is set up instantly, which means we start taking your calls right away. We don’t make you wait days to get your account up and running - even our customization process takes a mere 24 hours.

How do I make a change to my service plan?

The online dashboard allows you to make changes to your plan instantly! More complex changes are handled by the Support Team.

How do you bill?

We bill by the minute and you receive your bill monthly. You can monitor your usage through our mobile app or online dashboard and make changes to your account to avoid overages.