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VoiceNation, LLC Provides Telephony Back-up During Hurricane

Local Company Takes Disaster Relief Calls As reported by the Gwinnett Daily Post, VoiceNation, LLC again proves why they are the Nation’s premier provider of voice telephony and disaster recovery solutions by providing these services to companies affected by Hurricane Isabel. While the hurricane unleashed its wrath on the North Carolina Coast, the phones were

Small Business or Fortune 500?

VoiceNation clients take advantage of virtual voice technology that provides the same phone system and converged communications capabilities previously enjoyed only by large-scale, multi-office organizations. VoiceNation, the premier provider of voice telephony and disaster recovery solutions, raises an important question in the minds of small business owners nationwide. When a prospect or customer calls you,

VoiceNation Welcomes New Vice President of Sales

Announcement of Seasoned Vice President of Sales Adds Depth to the Management Team and Experience Supporting Reseller Channels VoiceNation, the premier provider of voice telephony and disaster recovery solutions, today announced that Joe Schiavone will be joining their Organization in the position of Vice President of Sales. Schiavone has a proven track record in the

VoiceNation Answers Avian Flu With Tips to Stay In Touch and Stay In Business

Pandemic Warnings Emphasize Importance of Communication Planning VoiceNation, the premier provider of virtual voice solutions, warns businesses to plan now for their communications needs in the event of a severe flu or pandemic. Standard business continuity planning that anticipates short-term, local disruptions will provide little assistance if the United States faces an avian flu pandemic.

Survey Reveals Critical Gap in Business Communication

How much will the next disaster cost your business? VoiceNation, the premier provider of outsourced voice telephony and disaster recovery solutions, announced today the results of a study that exposed shortfalls in most companies’ disaster recovery planning regarding critical voice communications. The result is that many organizations risk severe financial hardship and business disruption in

VoiceNation Serves Seasonal Cheer for Small Business

Small business owners face the challenge every year of balancing time off for their employee’s with maintaining customer service levels for their customers. It’s a difficult thing to do when most small businesses operate with less than ten employees. In today’s competitive market it’s too risky for a small business to just close up shop