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VoiceNation, LLC Provides Telephony Back-up During Hurricane

Local Company Takes Disaster Relief Calls As reported by the Gwinnett Daily Post, VoiceNation, LLC again proves why they are the Nation’s premier provider of voice telephony and disaster recovery solutions by providing these services to companies affected by Hurricane Isabel. While the hurricane unleashed its wrath on the North Carolina Coast, the phones were

New Hope For Businesses Anxious About Hurricane Season

Atlanta, GA – May 31, 2006 — With the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) predicting that the hurricane season starting June 1 will rival or exceed 2005 in number and ferocity of storms, Gulf Coast and Eastern Seaboard companies need to consider how they will continue to serve customers and maintain contact with employees

VoiceNation Supports OnlyOne Customers

Atlanta, GA – June 19, 2006 — VoiceNation, the nation’s premier provider of outsourced voice telephony and disaster recovery solutions, today announced the migration of a large portion of customers into their system from OnlyOne┬«, a leading provider of single-number business communications. The intention is to deliver a broader range of services combined with a

VoiceNation Achieves Landmark Local Number Availability: The First 98% Local Coverage From A Nationwide Voice Solution Provider

Atlanta, GA | June 27, 2006 — Hosted voice communications provider blankets US, including Hawaii. VoiceNation, the premier provider of voice services and disaster recovery solutions, announced today their achievement of the first 98 percent coverage rate for local number availability across the country, including Hawaii. Local number availability is a key requirement for businesses

Voicenation Launches New Website

Atlanta, Georgia, March 1, 2006 Once again, VoiceNation takes an old business model–answering services–and reinvents it to partner perfectly with today’s business needs. VoiceNation’s unparalleled strategic knowledge of Answering Services has been created by continually surveying their clients, old and new, asking the question “What can we do to improve our service to you?” The