Press Release

VoiceNation’s Release of Open Source Live Answering Software Enables Jobs for Reentry Program

ATLANTA AND BUFORD, GA… VoiceNation’s open source live answering software is creating abundant job opportunities for formerly incarcerated and state-supervised individuals at reentry organization, Georgia CALLS. VoiceNation, the industry leader in live answering and virtual receptionist services, released its revolutionary live answering software on June 21st , 2015 and is already making a global impact

OpenAnswer to Launch June 22nd

Buford, GA — VoiceNation, the industry leader in live answering and virtual receptionist services, is set to launch their revolutionary OpenAnswer answering service software on June 22, 2015. For the past 15 years, VoiceNation has been spearheading innovations in live answering and virtual phone solutions, helping call centers navigate the waters of ‘going open source’.

“7 Tips for Creating a Strong Team” VoiceNation Shares Sage Business Advice

ATLANTA AND BUFORD, GA… VoiceNation, a leading call center partner for thousands of businesses nationwide, offers “7 Tips for Creating A Strong Team” to business owners and managers. According to Jay Reeder, President of VoiceNation, “A strong team is critical to the success of your organization, whether it is your customer service team or a

Virtual Phone Service Provider VoiceNation Launches New Website

BUFORD & ATLANTA GA… VoiceNation, a leading provider of live answering, professional voicemail and virtual PBX services to businesses of all sizes, has recently launched a new generation of their website,  The new site unifies VoiceNation’s online presence through brand consistency and has an eye-catching modern, clean look. Designed with the consumer in mind,

Today’s Economy Receives a Boost

April 14, 2011 — The unemployment rate falls as jobs increase and retail sales grow, fueling the economy to take a positive spin. Despite previous expectations, many signs point to economic improvement. Brushing off the higher gas prices, averaging more than $3.50 per gallon in most states, consumers continue to shop. Major retailers, including Costco

Facebook Strengthens Security for Your Protection

April 27, 2011 — Internet safety is an ongoing concern in today’s era of advanced technology with the hype of social networking. Facebook has taken action and expanded safety tools and resources to increase the security of its users, while other companies provide ways to keep your identity private while on the net. In March,

Dropped Calls Will No Longer Ruin Your Professional Image

April 13, 2011 — For many small business owners, business is conducted in the office, on the road, and remotely from a home office. Business professionals rely on wireless mobile devices to connect them to the world, aiding in productivity and generating profits. Communication is vital in running a successful business and nothing is more

VoiceNation is Called on Again to Provide Stephen Colbert’s Atone Phone

Buford, GA (PRWEB) September 16, 2010 The Atonement hotline, 1-888-OOPSJEW, is a real working toll free number, where Stephen Colbert has made it an annual event of recognizing the Jewish High Holy Days by giving is viewers an opportunity to apologize to him personally during their Ten Days of Repentance between Rosh Hashanah and Yom