Dropped Calls Will No Longer Ruin Your Professional Image

Peyton Duplechien • 16 May 2019 • 2 min read

April 13, 2011 — For many small business owners, business is conducted in the office, on the road, and remotely from a home office. Business professionals rely on wireless mobile devices to connect them to the world, aiding in productivity and generating profits. Communication is vital in running a successful business and nothing is more frustrating than unexpected termination, otherwise known as a “dropped call” during an important phone conversation.
There are many factors that determine your mobile phone’s reception, such as proximity to a tower, weather, traffic volume, dead zones, underground areas such as tunnels, and obstructions including buildings, concrete walls and trees. You can also experience a dropped call during the handoff (when an ongoing conversation is transferred to another cell sites’ area of coverage within the same network).
A dropped call can be a huge inconvenience during meetings, conference calls, and sales calls, and can even do significant damage to business deals. In addition, a dependable connection grants quality customer service.
So what are cell phone providers doing to improve reception and help eliminate the amount of dropped calls? AT&T now offers a 3G MicroCell to enhance coverage indoors. The device acts as a mini cellular tower designed to boost signal strength for your business or home, supporting up to four users simultaneously. It connects to the AT&T network via your existing internet service, requiring internet access and your 3G wireless phone. Verizon Wireless now offers the Verizon 4G LTE, giving exceptional speed and coverage to it’s customers.
At VoiceNation, we understand the importance of being connected, receiving incoming calls and retrieving your voice mails. Through a single virtual telephone number, the SimplyONE feature allows you to direct your incoming calls to forward to your office, home or cell, no matter your location. This feature also gives you the capability to obtain voice mail messages via email as a mp3 or wave file. Additionally, virtual PBX acts as the ultimate phone system customized for any small business.
With on-the-road sales professionals and home office use on the rise, a reliable network is critical to sustaining business growth. As a business owner, you have an array of networks and services to choose from, offering numerous features to accommodate your business needs, linking you to the world.
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