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Ninja Number – Local and Toll-free Virtual PBX

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Powerful Virtual PBX starting at $19.95/month

Ninja Number takes care of your telephone services so you always stay connected with your customers, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

VoiceNation has transitioned the award-winning voicemail and virtual PBX services we pioneered to Ninja Number. Find out more and get signed up with the simplest voicemail and virtual PBX solution available.

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Two options … Local or Toll-free

I need a local number.

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I need a toll-free number.

Nothing sounds more professional than a 1-800 number – and we’ve got one waiting for you. You’ll be ready to go in a few clicks.

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If you have a question for the Sales team, visit the Ninja Number support page.

A perfect match for today’s mobile workplace.

Ninja Number will help you grow your business.

So what do I get with Ninja Number?

The beauty of Ninja Number is that you can set it up exactly how you want. Try finding that with a free voicemail solution … you just won’t. We understand how businesses operate so we’ve created these essential features to make your life easier.

Here are a few features that you’ll get with Ninja Number:

  • A local business telephone number
  • Instant activation
  • A toll-free number (if you need it)
  • Easy web management
  • Option to bring your own number
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Personalized greetings
  • and of course, voicemail and call forwarding

Need more? See all the features.

It’s really a no-brainer! Here’s why.

A growing company needs a solid communications backbone. That’s where VoiceNation steps in with Ninja Number. We’ve put years of work into this amazing virtual phone system that would cost thousands to build on your own. The benefits of Ninja Number speak for themselves.

See all the benefits you’ll enjoy with Ninja Number:

  • One central number – simplifies and strengthens your brand
  • Presence management – give each extension the power to set their own status
  • Multiple concurrent calls – no more busy lines
  • Automated attendant – answering calls right away
  • Powerful dashboard – retrieve voicemail online & more

That’s just the beginning. See more benefits.