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New York is the third most populous state in the U.S., has a larger economy than most countries in the world, and is a cultural, business, and financial capital for the entire planet. Albany may be the capital city of New York, but New York City is the hub of the state, and as many say, of the nation. With 8.1 million residents, New York City is home to nearly fifty Fortune 500 companies, the New York Stock Exchange, some of the world’s most valuable real estate, new media companies, renowned theaters and clubs, and is a fashion center for the entire planet. Not only is the economy diverse in New York, the demographics, landscape, and history is as well. Away from the major cities of New York and Albany you will find fertile farmland, lakes, picturesque waterways and coastlines, and wooded mountains. These rural areas produce large quantities of cabbage, apples, dairy, cherries, and many other products. Manufacturing is also big business in the state. Furs, railroad equipment, microchips, and bus line vehicles are only a few of the items manufactured in New York State. New York is a great place to either live or visit.

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