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Whether you are exploring the unique rocks of Mushroom Rock State Park in Marquette, kayaking and camping at Acorns Resort, taking in a historical museum, or cheering on the University of Kansas Jayhawks basketball team, there is no shortage of entertainment and culture in Kansas. Named after the Kansas River, which runs through the state, Kansas became a free state in 1861. Soon after the Civil War, settlers flocked to the wide-open lands and fertile river valleys. Today, Kansas celebrates a colossal agricultural output. Corn, sorghum, cattle, sheep, hogs, wheat, salt, and soy are just the beginning of what contributes to the state’s economy. The state also produces a large quantity of natural gas and oil. The aerospace industry is also a driving force in the economy of the state. Boeing, Learjet, and Spirit AeroSystems all have facilities in Kansas. Kansas is a large state with a lot going for it.

State of Kansas

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