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After the 1803 Louisiana Purchase between President Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon Bonaparte of France, the state of Iowa came into existence. The name Iowa comes from the Native American tribe who went by the same title. Iowa sits in the heart of America, and is often thought of as the food capital of the world. The low taxes, cost of living, and utility costs all make Iowa one of the best places to open a business. Corn and soybean production are the major crops exported from the state, however agriculture is not the king of the economy of Iowa. Manufacturing is the number one contributor to the economy these days, with companies such as ConAgra Foods, Heinz, John Deere, and Maytag calling Iowa home. Des Moines, the capital of the state and largest city, also brags that it is the number one spot in the nation to open an insurance company. Come for the business aspect, but stay for the quality of life.

State of Iowa

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