Prospects screened for faster conversion

Responding immediately to new inquiries, our team of professional US-based agents shorten your conversion window by ensuring every new opportunity is properly identified, screened and flagged as an ideal prospect for your team to close with confidence.

  • Respond to inquiries before your competitors
  • Increase conversion rate significantly
  • Free up your team to work on qualified leads

You’re too busy to be qualifying inquiries –
let our US agents do it for you ​

All of our agents understand the importance of creating a great first impression and are trained to a high standard. Having them qualify prospects for your business means your own team can convert the ideal ones faster. With full CRM and Zapier integration capability, start doing less and win more of the clients you really want.​

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You’ll feel the benefits of our Intake Services immediately​

WOW your customers​

We help create a great first impression by making people feel their inquiry really matters to you.​

Gain a competitive edge

Our Intake Services allow you to qualify every single inquiry before they have time to look elsewhere​

Convert more prospects

Having us qualify and screen leads for you means you can get to, and convert, hot ones faster​

Be more efficient

​Outsourcing this repetitive task to our agents will save your team time and allow you to focus on growth​

Speak everyone’s language

​Our Intake Services allow you to qualify every single inquiry before they have time to look elsewhere​

Future-proof yourself​

Consider us your high quality, innovative and seamless partner with full CRM integration capability​

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How our Intake Services work

Enquiry alert! A newly completed web form lands in your CRM as a New Opportunity and alerts our own OpenAnswer platform​
In an instant, OpenAnswer flags to one of our agents that there is a new lead in your CRM to be followed up right away​
Using the completed web form details, the lead is qualified over the phone (or via any other channel you’ve asked us to use)
With all the additional information you’ve asked for added to the lead, it is sent back into your CRM for your team to convert immediately​

Integrated with all CRM platforms Contracts completed using docusign

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Our live, U.S.-based agents answer incoming calls for your business. You choose when you want us to handle your calls. We’ll take your messages and send them to you. Advanced features include our operators answering basic questions, processing orders, call forwarding, appointment setting, and returning calls at your direction. We can also qualify leads, filter solicitations and robocalls, and we offer bilingual operators – all at no additional cost to you!

We handle overflow calls, deliver your messages in real-time, and are available 24/7/365. When you never miss a call, you never miss a lead. You’re also providing excellent customer service by being available to your customers 100% of the time – day or night, weekends and holidays, too. Not only does this help with customer retention, but it helps foster word-of-mouth marketing!

Great question! Once you sign up with VoiceNation, you choose when we take your calls. We’ll answer just like an in-office receptionist would. Our seamless software makes it feel like our operators are sitting right in your office. Then we take a message when you’re not available or forward you the call when you are.

Your account is set up instantly, which means we start taking your calls right away. We don’t make you wait days to get your account up and running! Even our customization process takes a mere 24 hours.

The online dashboard allows your to make changes to your plan instantly! More complex changes are handled by your dedicated account manager.

We bill by the minute and you receive your bill monthly. You can monitor your usage through our mobile app or online dashboard and make changes to your account to avoid overages. There are no hidden fees or charges. Call forwarding is included. After-hours call answering is also included, even weekends and holidays!

Nope! Not with VoiceNation! All our features are included in your plan. That means call forwarding, bilingual operators, after-hours and 24/7 call answering, and much more.

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