How Do I Choose an Answering Service for My Business?

Establishing the proper means of handling incoming business calls is beneficial for any company, but doing so in-house can be a long and costly process. It may require a great deal of time, money, and resources that could be put to better use in other areas of the business. This is why so many businesses across so many different industries choose to hire a professional call answering service. Professional answering services have the necessary infrastructure and staff to start fielding your business calls right away.

But how do you choose the best answering service for your business?

To choose the best answering service for your business, you must first understand what it is your business requires from an answering service. Do you have customers from various regions that require your phone operators to be bilingual? Perhaps you run a medical facility and need your answering service to be HIPAA compliant. Whatever industry you’re in, there are many factors to take into account when asking yourself “how do I choose an answering service for my business?”

How Experienced is the Answering Service?

One of the most important aspects to consider when deciding which answering service to use is the company’s previous work experience. The more experience an answering service has, the more likely it is to be suited for your specific industry. For instance, VoiceNation has provided answering services across a wide range of different professional industries. This has helped prepare our operators to handle a variety of tasks specific to certain fields of work.

VoiceNation offers specialized answering services for industries such as:

What Features does it Have?

Once you’ve determined what it is your business requires from an answering service, start looking closely at which call answering features each answering service offers. Some answering services may be better equipped to handle your needs than others based on the specific services they can provide.

VoiceNation offers a variety of different features!

  • Mobile app for managing your account
  • Call patching
  • Around-the-clock service
  • Bilingual operators
  • Order processing
  • Reports and analytics
  • HIPAA-compliant operators for medical businesses
  • Call screening
  • Message taking
  • On-call scheduling
  • Live chat
  • and more!

Can you Personalize the Service?

Branding is an important part of any business; it’s one of the main ways your customers and/or clients form a connection with your company. For that reason, it’s important to consider the personalization options that an answering service may offer. The answering service operators working on behalf of your company should feel like a natural extension of your business, not a separate entity working alongside it.

At VoiceNation, we understand how important a personal touch can be to providing quality customer service. That’s why we work with the businesses who hire us to create a custom phone script that feels authentic to your company and brand.

What is the Answering Service’s Availability?

If you want to be reachable at any time, day or night, it’s important you look into the hours of operation for each answering service you consider. Not every option will provide you with 24-hour availability for calls.

VoiceNation offers 24/7 answering service availability, including weekends and holidays, to ensure your business never misses a call again.

Is There a Payment Plan to Fit your Budget?

Finally, you must consider what budget your company is working with and what payment plans an answering service has to offer. Is there one within your price range that also provides all the features you’re looking for?

VoiceNation has several plans available, each tailored to meet the needs of businesses of varying sizes. So whether you’re a small company just getting started or a successful enterprise looking for a better way to handle a demanding call volume, VoiceNation has a pricing plan that’s perfect for you.

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