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Disaster Recovery

Protect your Business from disaster

Of course you’ve done everything to protect your business in the event of disaster, natural or otherwise. You’ve got offsite backups of all your important data. You’ve even spent plenty of money on systems to protect you in the event of a power outage caused by equipment failure or acts of terrorism.


So, how about your telephone system?

If your telephone lines go out because the off-site Telecom switch isn’t as well protected as you are, then how are your prospects, never mind your existing customers, going to keep in contact with you? How will your employees feel about having no way to contact their Managers? We all know how many businesses closed after Hurricane Katrina simply because they lost contact with their potential revenue earners. Voicenation can help.

An increasing number of companies are using voice mail, including over 90% of the nation

In any emergency or disaster, the key to survival will always be to maintain communications between your Customers, your Managers and your employees. In the world we live in today, everyone expects communications to take place instantly and “on demand”. Voicenation, with a Nationwide network of PSTN and VOIP Servers and Call Centers, has all the answers you need to keep the world communicating with you. We can provide whatever you need so that, in the event of any short or long term disruption to your traditional telephone service, anyone who needs to keep in touch with you can do so. We’ll arrange everything so that your calls will automatically transfer to our Telecom Solution. We’ll take your calls and transfer them directly to cellphones, home phones, wherever you want us to send them. We can take voicemail messages, even take your calls into our National Call Centers so that they are answered professionally every time.

We’ll even take faxes from your callers and email them to any address suitable for you. If your Computer network fails we’ll just make those faxes securely available to you online so you can collect them from any location.

If you have an existing “Auto Attendant”, why not replicate it in it’s entirety on our platforms so that no-one will ever know that you’ve even had a problem? You’ll protect your customer relationships by being able to assure them that it’s still “business as usual”. Orders are getting processed, sales enquiries are being taken, support calls are getting the same priority they always did. The benefit to you is no loss of revenue. For your employees it is important for them to know what to do should disaster strike. They need to know if they should go into the office that day, stay at home, or go to another local office. If a serious emergency should arise caused by, for example, terrorist activity, you could give information to your staff such as where the nearest shelters are situated in any local area. When the emergency is over, you can tell everyone when it’s safe to return to work without having to call everyone individually. We’ll then return your call activity back to your usual carrier. Voicenation Services for Disaster Recovery are surprisingly affordable. Call our Sales office today and find out for yourself how quickly, easily and economically we can protect you, your customers, your employees, your business.

Please, call us before it’s too late for your Business.