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Company Culture

A People Growth Company

We Work To Make The World a Better Place

At VoiceNation, we’ve created a company culture that’s inviting, rewarding, and fulfilling. We’re about opportunity, not just for ourselves, but for individuals in our local community, across the nation, and around the world. Our people have big hearts and when we all come together through VoiceNation’s outreach efforts, we live out our purpose to make the world a better place for those in it.

VoiceNation’s Employee Volunteer Program (EVP)

We’re committed to making a positive impact in the lives of others. We can’t change people, but we can empower and equip them to make a difference. Through our non-profit organization, Aggaros, we give our staff the opportunity to get involved and volunteer for causes they feel passionate about.

Some of our many community projects include:

•    Weekly Devotionals in our Aggaros Studio
•    Voices for Education School House Project
•    Pay It Forward Campaign
•    Operation Give Back Campaigns
•    Going Green Initiatives
•    Gwinnett Children’s Shelter
•    LAMP Ministries
•    Supporting Foster & Adoptive Families Together (SAFFT)
•    Helping Hands

Our Work Matters

Success begins with staff development. We are a team – a group of individuals collaborating together to be the best at what we do. Each member of our team contributes to the company’s success so that we can provide top-notch services to customers. But success doesn’t just come from a “job-well-done”. Success starts from within each individual. That’s why our company culture focuses heavily on staff development and personal growth. Staff development is a popular phrase around VoiceNation. It’s not rocket-science, but we find it important to invest in our staff to help them grow both personally and professionally. Since each member of our team is unique in his or her own way, we highlight those personal talents to help individuals excel in a variety of areas. This way, we build the best team imaginable. After all, happy staff equals happy customers.

So, how do we ensure our staff is happy and looks forward to coming to work every day? Well, like we mentioned, we are all about opportunities. Opportunities for staff to volunteer for organizations and causes they are passionate about. Opportunities for self improvement and continuing education. Opportunities to lead, lend a helping hand, and master personal talents. We’re about positive attitudes, personal accountability, leadership, and teamwork. Plus, we keep ’em fed with our fully stocked kitchen. Staff get to enjoy a causal and positive work environment. And, we like to host company events the whole family can enjoy. We truly care about our staff and they know it.

Voice Nation supplies 'above and beyond' customer service and has been a true partner when supplying solutions for my Fortune 500 clients." - Patrick Brandimore, CMD Agency, Portland, OR