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Linking Instructions

Over the years, it has been VoiceNation’s pleasure to provide you with complimentary service through our Care2Call program. You know as well as we do how important communication is; especially when the message can be of great assistance to others. This knowledge furthers our commitment to continuously strive to help more non profit organizations in need. Due to the economic downturn and decrease in charitable donations, we feel our Care2Call program can be of assistance to non profits now more than ever.

In an effort to expand the Care2Call program we are asking each of our current non-profit members and friends to assist us with getting the word out as much as possible. The more publicity our program gets the stronger it will become; allowing non-profits, just like you, the opportunity to thrive.


So how can you help? If your non profit organization has a website, we would like to request that you post a link to VoiceNation’s website, in order to create more traffic to our program. We hope this will allow the program to grow stronger so that it can be of further assistance to non profits throughout the nation.


Linking Instructions:


FREE Voicemailf or Non-profits!
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FREE Voicemailfor Non-profits!
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Thank you again for your continued support. We look forward to serving you and your organization for many years to come.