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How to Secure Customer Fidelity in a Digital Distracted World

There’s no question that your customers are the deciding factor in your business success. In fact, the value of improving your customer service really cannot be understated: It’s how you create long-lasting relationships that benefit both the customer and your business.


Increasing customer loyalty, in particular, can be the difference between thriving and struggling, particularly in highly competitive industries. Research shows that companies who rank the highest in user satisfaction regularly outperform their competitors by more than double. It’s easy to see why: Consumers gravitate toward the companies that they feel are giving them not only the best value but the highest level of service as well.


Achieving that level of responsiveness in your digital communications is no easy feat. Becoming the loyalty leader in your field involves building your base in every interaction and offering the best possible customer care. Here’s how to secure customer fidelity and achieve a standout performance that sets you apart from the crowd.


Focus On Responsiveness


The rapid rise of digital channels, social media marketing, and a widening of service varieties has made online business much more competitive. Customers know they can get rapid service from virtually any company, no matter the size, just by reaching out online. If they don’t, they’ll find a competitor who can. There’s a reason even the biggest brands invest heavily in having a notable presence on all major social media channels, particularly Twitter, where a quick response can mean the difference between keeping a customer and losing one.


Over half of customers expect a response within 30 minutes when they have questions about a product or service. That number rises to 72% of customers when seeking customer support—the lion’s share of your business, and an undeniable place to start improving your business’ online communication.


If your customer wait times are longer than they should be, try adding live answering to have your calls answered immediately by US-based agents, 24/7. Get started with a free trial today and see for yourself how responsive customer service can supercharge your business success.


Give Personal Value


We all know and appreciate the value of personalization. 80% of customers are more likely to buy when offered a personalized experience, but what does tailoring your service to customers really mean?


What customers are looking for is greater value in their shopping experience. Whether it’s providing targeted recommendations, employee-initiated follow-ups after purchase, or even breaking ground on new customization options, giving customers a more unique, user-driven buying experience is essential.


When you dedicate your time, resources, and employee training toward offering a personalized service, customers take note. They’ll be excited to see what you have planned next and become the evangelists your business needs to thrive. Anything less means boring your customers with the same old thing—you simply won’t improve results unless you evolve your strategy with a focus on providing a personal experience.


Meeting Digital Expectations


The digital experience for online shopping and browsing can often feel distant, particularly when you don’t have an in-store presence to meet customers. Giving your company a human voice, available 24/7, not only shows your customers you’re there for them but adds a new level of trusted service they can rely on.


You don’t need to totally revamp your business to build better long-term customer fidelity. In fact, some simple improvements in customer service and user experience can vastly boost the loyalty of your most important customers. To find out more, get started with a free trial of our award-winning live answering service and see for yourself how a virtual receptionist can amplify the voice of your business.

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