Take a summer vacation and still grow sales

Peyton Duplechien • 22 May 2020 • 2 min read

As a small business owner, you may struggle to have any personal time at all let alone time to go on vacation. Some people feel if they leave for vacation, they will fall behind in their work and their business will suffer. However, vacation can be an important part of your health and overall productivity.

Benefits of taking a vacation

Taking time away from your business may seem counter-intuitive for an owner. Is it really beneficial to leave your company for a week so you can go on vacation? Some common benefits include:

  • Happiness: Vacations can lead to happiness for you and the rest of your family. Many studies point to the fact that taking family vacations will improve your relationship with your children and spouse, as well as providing you with a break from work.
  • Productivity: Taking time off can decrease your stress level. Not only that, but employees who actually use their vacations are less likely to burn out on the job. Give your brain the opportunity to rest by taking a vacation!
  • Health: Your physical and mental health can be improved while you are away from work. Taking a break from work-related stress is a great way to improve mental and even physical health!
  • Perspective: Going someplace new can give you a different perspective on life. This can help in your work-life and home-life.

It’s still a big fear to leave your business for a few days or a week to take a vacation.  How can you leave your small business and still expect it to grow and do well?

Business phone answering services can help

Hiring an answering service is one way you can take vacation and still grow your business. An answering service may be the perfect solution because your customers will not feel neglected, and you will not fall behind in your outreach. This type of answering service can:

  • Forward calls to you to help you stay connected even when you are away from your small business
  • Take messages for you, which can be retrieved through email or text at your leisure
  • Be a friendly, professional presence in your absence – capturing leads and tending to existing customers.

Many business owners find they are able to take vacations while still taking care of their business by using an answering service.

Can you take a vacation?

Is a vacation in the stars for you? If you are a small business owner, you may have said no before learning about the benefits of a high-tech, professional answering service. The reality is you can take a vacation while still growing your business by hiring a 24/7 answering service.
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