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December 23, 2019

It’s one thing to carry out your personal duties as an attorney. Filing paperwork, consult and client meetings, legal intake, attending court. But to be the head of a small firm with a few other attorneys or paralegals takes more legwork to be successful. You want your firm to come across as strong, organized and

December 19, 2019

Looking to grow your client base? One of the best and cheapest ways to do so is to focus on social media. More and more people are finding businesses, including law firms, through social media. It’s important to have a strong and active presence to have direct and indirect customer engagement. You could be bringing

December 9, 2019

Your law firm is closed as you’re enjoying the holidays with family and friends. But unfortunately, legal aid is still needed during the holiday season. Is it important to you that you’re available to your clients even when your office is closed? Who’s trying to reach you during the holidays? Existing clients. Sometimes the need

December 5, 2019

Nobody likes to be put on hold. Customers want answers, service or troubleshooting right away. In fact, by the time they’ve called, they’re probably already impatient from the inconvenience of having to call. Having to sit on hold for 30 seconds or more is going to increase that impatience. Fortunately, there is a way to

May 8, 2019

Most people who use the phone don’t think too much about phone etiquette. Yet, it’s very important that people get acquainted with basic phone etiquette to ensure a smooth and nice conversation. Sometimes, people can get angry because the other party doesn’t practice any phone etiquette. Here are some tips for developing home phone