PatLive will dazzle you with all the features it can provide, but it’s going to cost you. With the “Basic” plan starting at a reasonable $39, you only get basic message taking. If you want PatLive’s advanced features, you’ll see a jump in price to $149 and grow only more expensive if you want even more features.

PatLive VoiceNation
Prices starting at $39 $30
Bilingual operators $20 mo. Free
Confidentiality No Yes
Mobile app No Yes
Appointment scheduling Advanced feature Free
Big Data Advanced feature Free
Lead capture Advanced feature Yes
*Advanced features start rolling into to plans starting at $149 a month versus VoiceNation’s $75 a month plan.

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VoiceNation’s $30 month plan is basic message taking and adding features will only ever cost you $75 a month. After that, the price increase is based on minutes used, not services rendered.

PatLive records calls and has no guaranteed confidentiality. This means if you’re looking for a medical or legal answering service, PatLive cannot protect your sensitive information – leaving you exposed to potential lawsuits. Their basic message taking service is $39 a month, whereas VoiceNation’s is $30.

account success confirmationIf you want more features, including call screening, transfers, appointment scheduling and order processing, it’ll cost you $149 a month. At VoiceNation, our inclusive, feature-rich packages start at $75. You’ll also get a dedicated account manager. At Patlive, that’ll cost you the Pro package at $629 a month.

Patlive will capture your leads, but only as part of their more expensive ($149 a month and upward) plans. VoiceNation’s lead capture is completely free starting with our $75 Business Plan.

The bottom line

Patlive will send your messages to you instantly through email or text. At VoiceNation, you get instant notification of your messages through email, text and our mobile app. What’s more, our app can double as a second phone line for you. You can return calls through the app using your VoiceNation number, which keeps your personal phone number private. More fetures, better price. Simple as that.

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